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Product Specification

There are many kinds of products and complete specifications. It includes a full range of diodes, rectifier bridges, triode, MOS, voltage stabilizing circuit, optocoupler and other products. It has the ability of independent research and development design, chip manufacturing, packaging and testing, sales and technical service. We can provide customers with a strong and reliable series of products, and provide a one-stop solution service.

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Package Outline

The corresponding appearance photos of all kinds of products, the specific package size and the corresponding weld plate size, etc.

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Packaging Information

The internal and external packing method, size, quantity and label of all kinds of products.

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Product Certification

For products with product certification requirements, such as rectifier bridge and optocoupler, UL and VDE.CQC.FI national grid are approved respectively.

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Quality Center

Win Users With Quality

Quality assurance, equipped with modern equipment, can inspect raw materials in terms of material, shape, characteristics and technology, monitor the quality of process effectively and check the quality of finished products.

The garment trade union came to our company for inspection and observation

On June 21, 2019, the changzhou garment industry trade union came toour company for inspection and observation. The leaders of the research grouphad a detailed understanding of the production and operation of the enterprise,the construction of the trade union organization, the welfare and treatment ofthe employees, the stability of the team, the protection of the rights andinterests of the employees, the existing difficulties, the role of the tradeunion and other conditions, and had an in-depth exchange with the chairman ofthe company''s trade union, han peng. In the survey meeting, the leaders of the garment industry tradeunion fully affirmed the achievements of our company''s trade union work, andgave high comments on the solid work of the company''s trade union, richactivities and wonderful contents, especially the job skills competition andthe development of various cultural and sports activities. At the same time, italso puts forward several suggestions to the trade union work: first, we shouldconstantly promote the innovation of the trade union work mechanism, broadenthe thinking, and actively practice, so that the workers can feel that thetrade union has strength and make a difference; Second, to give full play tothe role of the bridge and link of trade unions, to understand the productionand living conditions of workers, and to safeguard the legitimate rights andinterests of workers; Third, we should have the courage to take on responsibility,do solid work, and strive to promote trade union work to a new level.

The thirteenth session of proposals for improvement closed in June

In June, we held the 13th Changzhou GME proposal improvementactivity presentations.The proposal improvement activity of the company hasgone through the course of 7 years. One team after another has been growing andexpanding continuously in these 7 years.This year, the company has a total of 23 projects to participate inthe competition, after strict material review, site evaluation, the finalselection of 11 projects into the final. on the scene, each team carefullydescribed their own improvement process, and shared the results with the participantsthrough the wonderful display, and discussed the improvement methods andprocess together. The on-site judges, representatives of the improvement groupand audience trainees communicated and learned from each other, and theimprovement activities have been recognized and applied by more and morepeople.Finally, two projects won the first prize of QIT group and QCC grouprespectively. Through the presentation meeting, we have seen the power of theexample and the wisdom of the collective, and we will continue to shine in ourordinary work in the future, and drive the whole people to participate in theimprovement and promotion. The proposal improvement activities not only helpenterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, but also cultivate a largenumber of thinking, innovation and pioneering technical personnel, casting ateam of perseverance, unity and progress, and improve the quality awareness ofthe majority of employees.

Recognize the situation Boost confidence Grasp the market Work hard ——record changzhou GME 2019 semi-annual working conference

Changzhou GME 2019 semi-annual work conference was held on July 6 atgalaxy electrical group activity center as scheduled. More than 60 companyleaders and middle managers attended the meeting. Firstly, yue lian, generalmanager of the company, made the "2019 company semi-annual workreport". Then, the leaders of the six departments made speeches at theconference on key work such as grabbing orders, increasing market share,reducing customer complaints, improving customer satisfaction, giving full playto semiconductor chip research and development platform, promoting technologicalinnovation, and deepening informatization work. Finally company chairman Yangsenmao gave the speech.This working meeting is held under the situation of the companyfacing severe market challenge and arduous work task in the second half of theyear, which is an important meeting to further understand the situation, boostconfidence, define the target and task, and implement practical measures.The meeting pointed out that although the company''s work has madesome achievements in the first half of this year, but the business indicatorscompleted in recent years are relatively poor in this half year. And in thesecond half of this year ,the real economy''s downward trend will continue,which will bright great pressure and difficulties to arrange and complete thesecond half of the business activities.The meeting points that in the second half of the work to targetadjusted to achieve the goals of management, to continue the key points ofoperation and management "one goal, two key, three work, four grippingdevices" at the beginning of this year, in particular, the product salesas a top priority, strive for more orders, ensure the completion of company inthe second half of the indicators.The meeting called for unity of thought and firm confidence. In theface of difficulties and pressure, the company should further understand thesituation, boost confidence, closely focus on business objectives, implementthe deployment, to ensure the completion of the task. The second is to changethe style, steadfast endeavor. No matter how the situation changes, pay closeattention to internal work is the most important, each department shouldfurther refine the work measures, strengthen the work implementation. Third,unite people and enhance synergy. Managers at all levels should fully mobilizethe enthusiasm of all employees, decompose and implement the company''sobjectives and tasks, and promote the development and growth of employees andthe company.

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The Changzhou Galaxy Century Microelectronics Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production, sales and service of semiconductor devices. The company relies on decades of experience, with professional team and practical quality control system to support the introduction of a large number of professional equipment on behalf of the international advanced level, constructed from product development, chip manufacturing, packaging and testing sales service complete industry chain vertical integration.

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